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Over the years, Falcon has cultivated professional relationships with companies possessing the same vision of providing top quality products and services. Our team has spent countless hours on the range or operationally testing, qualifying, vetting and deciding what gear works best and can sustain the abuse. We would like our students to know were they can acquire excellent products and services without having to spend the time and money that we have finding out what does or does not work. Just because a product may have a big name associated with it does not mean that the products “are good to go.” Rather, it simply means that the marketing was great while the product or service was sub-par.

Listed below are the companies, equipment, gear or services that FOG has vetted. We will continue to test and evaluate new products or services in the future based on our industry. Those who meet the grade or exceed will be posted below and we will update accordingly. Our sole purpose is to assit our students in not waisting their hard earned money of gear and equipment that simply does not last as we would rather you spend that money on quality training.