About Falcon Operations Group

“Dedicated to training those who defend the sheep from the wolves here at home and abroad”

Since 2006, Falcon Operations Group, Inc. has provided quality training for Civilian, LEO/Military, Government and Corporate Contractors. Falcon focuses on teaching the fundamentals of weapons manipulation, strategy, and tactics utilizing a systematic progressive learning approach.

Every action performed at Falcon is done with the 3 D’s – Done Deliberately with Determination. Courses of instruction are delivered in a professional manner with a steady progression of incrementally induced stress. This is situationally dependent on course type, level of instruction, and level of students attending the course.

The “no man left behind” mindset not only applies during combat situations, but also to instruction. Falcon works hard to ensure that no student is left behind. We maintain a student-to-instructor ratio of 5:1 so that every student is observed, monitored, and progresses during training. Our goal is not only to demonstrate proper technique, but more importantly, to have the student retain the information and skills that are disseminated.

We do not teach “THE WAY” but “A Way.” We have streamlined and vetted what we believe are best practices. Our focus is to explain why certain weapons manipulation techniques are preferred, because the “why” of shooting is an integral part of learning. These techniques are informed and refined by our own life experiences ranging from overseas operations, domestic executive protection, law enforcement duties, and competition shooting. It is this blend of experience that makes Falcons courses so unique.

Institutionalized inertia is a cancer plaguing shooters from all walks of life. We do not want our students to be limited by a mentality that says, “what was done then, must still be good today.” In the ever-changing theater of modern operations, it is important that ones training be equally dynamic. Falcon is committed to bringing that training to our students.

All of FALCON’s instructors carry one or more of the following credentials:
N.R.A. Law Enforcement Division Certified
CA P.O.S.T. Certified Instructors
Insured for both Law Enforcement & Civilian Training Courses

Instructor Staff Information

Gabe Rivera, Instructor

Ian Tashima, Program Manager & Instructor

Paul Coulter, Concealed Carry Firearm & Use of Force Instructor

Gabe Young, Lead Armorer & Firearm Instructor

DUNS #078382176 | CAGE #6X8X9
Central Contracting Office of the DoD
Company profile/instructor bios are available upon formal
request from law enforcement/governmental agencies

Dedicated to training those who defend the sheep from the wolves here and abroad.